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welcome to my haven

Upon entering this site you might will notice one thing... it is green. Yes, though not my original thought for this design, I do think it works.

Enter Haven as been a long running ‘personal’ site. It has gone from a spot to display the workings of my stories and artwork. To a portfolio site allowing me to graduate college. Next was a portal type site for information on new web trends and anime (two of my passions). And now lastly it has settled on a place about ‘me’ and or course my work.

I have learned that starting simple is always the best way to go, from here we can see how things might grow. The best way for me to keep up on skills is to use them and enjoy using them.

So feel free to browse, interact, give suggestions. and I will continue to provide the best of my abilities and display them here for all to see.

- Derrian